1. Players must be 19 years of age or turning 19 during the 2015 calendar year.
  2. For safety reasons, players cannot play if they are pregnant. Refunds will not be given to players who become pregnant during the season. A full refund will be made to a player who becomes pregnant before the season starts.
  3. For the safety of all players no players will be permitted to play in any game if they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  4. Players are expected to be at the diamond by 6:45 pm (early game) or 8: 15 pm (late game) on game day, unless notified otherwise due to weather. The umpire can call the game early due to inclement weather. Home team sets up equipment, away team takes down. All games will start at 7:00 pm (early) 8:45 (late) SHARP.
  5. Duration of games is 1 ½ hours. Warning of last inning will be given by umpire. Home Team will have their last at bat; this is important as, in the event of a tie in the regular season standings, the number of runs each team has will be used to determine final standings. **revised for the 2015 season
  6. Each team must have a minimum of 8 players to start the game. Any late players can join the game when they arrive and will be added to the bottom of the batting order. IF A TEAM DOES NOT HAVE 8 PLAYERS TO START THE GAME AT THE START TIME OF 7:00 P.M. OR 8:45 P.M., THE GAME WILL BE FORFEITED. In the event of a forfeit, the “winning team” will receive their 2 points for the win and will be awarded 7 runs towards their season run tally. Players must advise their team rep by noon the day prior to game day if they are unable to play. **revised for the 2015 season
  7. A team’s turn at bat will end when 3 outs have been reached or when 7 runs have scored.
  8. The last inning is NOT an open inning. The 7 run rule still applies.
  9. First base can be overrun providing no attempt is made to reach second base.
  10. When a player reaches first base, she must touch the ORANGE side of the safety base or she will be called out if not attempting to round to 2nd base. If the runner is safe, she must return to the white portion of the base before the next batter.
  11. A commit line will be drawn 20 feet from home plate on the third base line. Once a player crosses the commit line they cannot return to third base, they must continue to the home plate line.
  12. A home plate line will be drawn from the plate to the fence behind home plate. A player need only cross this line to be ruled safe. If the runner touches home plate they will be called out.
  13. The catcher must have one foot touching home plate when making a play at home.
  14. There is NO SLIDING, NO STEALING and NO LEAD-OFF’s. A runner will be called out if they lead-off, slide or steal a base.
  15. A batter must wear a helmet or they will be called out.
  16. If a batter throws the bat, the batter will be called out.
  17. There is NO bunting. A BUNT is defined as "sliding your hand up the bat and turning into it".
  18. A runner is automatically out if she runs off the baseline.
  19. If a pinch runner is used, it must be the LAST PLAYER OUT (with the exception of catchers). She must stand at the fence behind home plate. Pinch runners may only be used for injured players or to allow the player covering catcher position to put on equipment if the end of their team’s “at bat” is imminent. **Revised for the 2015 season.
  20. One base is allowed on an overthrow from the time of the throw.
  21. If a member of the fielding team restricts a runner, the runner will be awarded an extra base. The fielding player will be given a warning.
  22. If a runner misses a base, the fielding team will call a timeout at the end of the play and notify the umpire.
  23. Pitchers must throw underhand pitches and NO windmill pitches will be allowed. Our League is a Fast Pitch Softball League.
  24. The pitcher must stand a minimum of 22 feet from home plate and one foot must be on or behind this distance (the first marker on the mound), for safety reasons.
  25. Pitchers are advised that they may wear mouth guards for added protection but, for hygiene reasons, must provide and use their own.
  26. When changing pitchers, 3 practice pitches will be allowed. Teams ARE allowed to switch pitchers mid inning to provide relief.
  27. Players can only play the same position for a maximum of 4 innings, excluding the pitcher and catcher.
  28. The back catcher must wear the catcher’s mask, chest pad and shin guards.
  29. An 11 inch SPO11EY GOLD DOT ELITE SERIES WORTH ball will be used. There are NO limitations on Bats, Umpires can inspect them for safety.
  30. Metal cleats are NOT allowed.
  31. All team members must wear their team shirts. Players are NOT permitted to alter their jersey. Please respect our sponsors.
  32. All jewellery must be removed before the start of the game.
  33. The umpire should verify that each team’s score books match and sign both books at the end of the game.
  34. Absolutely NO children or pets allowed in the dug out during the game.
  35. NO smoking in the dugout.
  36. A game will be called due to rain under the following conditions: there is standing water on the field that cannot be raked away and/or if conditions on the field are too slippery for players to safely run the bases and/or field the ball. If these conditions exist prior to the game, the decision will be made by the president or designate; if the conditions arise during the game, the decision will be made by the umpire. The game will be considered a “rain game” and rescheduled if four full innings have not been completed. If more than four full innings have been completed, the score as of the home team’s last completed at bat is what will count for the final score. Each game will be assessed on an individual basis.
  37. The INFIELD FLY RULE WILL APPLY and be at the discretion of the umpire. The circumstances for this rule to take effect are as follows: there are runners on base in a forced run position, less than two outs, and the ball must be playable by an infield player with an ordinary effort; the call can be made if the ball is caught or dropped. The batter is automatically out and the players on base are not required to advance (but may do so at their own discretion) as would be the case with a forced play.
  38. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. First occurrence is subject to a verbal warning, Second occurrence results in a written warning. Third occurrence results in expulsion from the league without refund of fee paid. SEE POLICY AND PROCEDURES FOR DETAILS ON DISCIPLINE PROCESS. **Revised for 2015 season.

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